Are Impact Windows Soundproof?

One of the incredible benefits of impact windows, in addition to protecting your home from hurricanes and improving its energy efficiency, is that they significantly reduce the outside sound. But that begs the question, "are impact windows soundproof?"

The short answer to that question is, "it depends." There's no one answer to this question and it all depends on the type of window, its ratings, and what it's designed to do. And of course, it depends on the type of sound.

Impact windows that are thicker and laminated generally block out the sound better than those that are thinner and without lamination. The lamination helps minimize the sound vibrations and does a great job keeping outside noises out. If you have impact windows installed in your home, you will absolutely notice a difference in the amount of sound that's filtered out and eliminated.

However, are impact windows truly soundproof? No, impact windows are not soundproof. If there's are extremely loud noises outside, like a fire truck or scream, you're likely to hear them. And the closer the noise is to the window, the more likely you are to hear it.

According to PGT, there's a 65% reduction in sound with PGT impact windows. While this is a massive reduction, we can't call them soundproof.

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